How to Fix a Water Heater Pilot Light

How to Fix a Water Heater Pilot Light

Water Heaters

Water heaters are the most important appliance for every household. If you have purchased a new house then you might be planning to install a water heater in the house to enjoy a hot shower. There is a huge variety of water heaters in the market. You may select electric water heaters, gas water heaters, tankless water heaters, and hybrid heat pump water heaters. The selection of the right water heater for your house depends on your lifestyle, budget and house architect. However, one thing is sure; you need a water heater for all the reasons and you should know everything about it like water heater pilot light and how to keep the water heater light going on. You should also be aware of the nearest modern bay plumber if you need water heater repair or want to replace your water heater.

Water Heater Pilot Light

The most important part of any water heater is its pilot light that must be lit on so you are sure you get the hot water any time you need it and also to make sure no accidental gas leakage puts your house on fire. You need to know how to light a water heater with electronic pilot

There are many advantages of the water heater pilot light. The most important benefit of the water heater pilot light is that you are sure no gas accidentally gets released into the house. If the water heater pilot light keeps going out, it is an alarming signal and you should immediately call the nearest available plumber. If the water heater pilot light goes out, it is the sign of some fault in gas pressure which extinguishes the light. 

The sign that pilot light is out is dreadful for everyone because in such cases the water won’t get hot. It is also a dangerous sign as any leakage of gas would put your house on fire. So you must keep the flame going on.  

Every water heater comes with instructions about how to keep the pilot light. The instructions may vary depending on the make and model of the water heater. Most of the gas-powered heaters have a knob on the front lower part to switch on and off the pilot light.  For the first time, you should turn the knob off and wait for about five minutes for the gas to be cleared and then turn the knob on. Now you may open the cover door of the heater to find the pilot light which is normally located under the gas valve to. Here you may turn on the pilot light burner. To light up the light burner, use any electronic lighter and keep it on. Now, whenever, you need the hot water, the automatic system will turn the heater through the light burner and you may enjoy a hot shower instantly.

Technical Issues with water heaters

Like every home appliances, water heater pilot light also has technical issues that may need your attention and immediate repair. The most common problems with the gas water pilot light are the water heater pilot light keeps going out, or it won’t stay lit. Sometimes, the water heater pilot won’t light. All of these issues indicate a natural change in gas pressure. If the pilot light goes out as a result of a change in gas pressure, you may light on the pilot light. However, if the pilot light repeatedly malfunctions, it is the sigh of a real problem with the water heater which needs the services of a professional modern bay plumber.

How to address the pilot light issues at home

Although it is always wise the call the professional plumber to check your gas heater, you may inspect it yourself and address the fault easily. The most common issue of the pilot light when it goes out is the dirty or bent thermocouple. This is a small copper wire and rod that is used to sense the flame. The function of this thermocouple is to sense flame and turns the gas off automatically when the flame outage is detected.

As the main function of the thermocouple to sense flame, a bent or dirty thermocouple may not detect the flame and the pilot light may go out even if the gas is emitted. In such a situation there is a risk of accidental fire and also your water heater may not work properly to give you the hot water. If your pilot light on water heater won’t stay lit you should first shut off the gas and move the thermocouple near the pilot if it is bent. In case, the water heater pilot light is out, you may also clean the thermocouple, shut off the water heater and the gas valve and turn it on again. If the problem persists it is advised to call the nearby plumber for replacement of the thermocouple.

Water Heater Plumbers Near Me

Water heater issues are very common in everyday life. There are also so many online services that provide the plumbing services near you. So if you are finding the water heater plumbers near, you may google search for water heater plumbers near me or the water heater plumbing services and you may find the right service or the plumber to look into your issue. Preferably, you should only call a licensed plumber for all water heater problems.

When to call a plumber ?

Don’t ignore the water heater pilot light issues and immediately call for the modern bay plumber if you listen to strange noises coming from your water heater or the water pressure is low. You may also call for the plumber if your water heater is leaking or your pilot light won’t stay lit.

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